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My introduction into the stock market was through a painful process of incurring losses. I did not know anything about stock market at that point. I could not digest the losses. That made me think repeatedly why I incurred such losses in the first place. Those days one did not hear much about lessons on stock market and books were not readily available. Thus began my search to unearth the mystified world of stock market. I was most intrigued by the behaviour of stock prices. As a CA, CS I could definitely lay hands on some portions of fundamental analysis but technical analysis was largely inaccessible. I could not understand even how it works. I suppose I am still a student of this subject.

Over the years I have authored about 9 books covering various aspects of stock market. They have all been written in my mother tongue Bengali. In the course of last few years, lot of people who can write & read Bengali seemed to have benefitted through these books. At least that is what they say. This book is for the first time written in English for those who need to understand Technical Analysis in a simplified form. My effort in the future will be to cover many more topics in English language, should readers find my first endeavour useful.

I have been composing & editing a weekly newspaper on the stock market since 2003. It is published every Saturday. Of course that is in Bengali. For an English version, one can access my Mid Week Review sent through email.

Siddharta Chatterjee
January 2020

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