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Shantineketan Calling

Shantiniketan Calling offers Home Stay, 4 fully furnished twin-room apartments at Mritsikha near Shantiniketan / Bolpur on Ilambazar bypass (adjacent to Ryan International School). Situated 6 km from Bolpur Railway Station, it takes less than 30 minutes to reach Mritsikha by an auto rickshaw (toto). From Kolkata, by car, you will have to take the exit from NH6 near Burdwan towards Gushkara and will reach the destination within 3 hours. All twin-room are of the same size and shape, equipped with all modern amenities.

The Home Stay are:

Poush (Block III, Flat 2D, 2nd Floor)

Barsha (Block I, Flat 1B, 1st Floor)

Bosonto (Block II, Flat 2A, 2nd Floor)

Hemonto (Block III, Flat 2A, 2nd Floor)



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